About Me
Tony Butler
Wood and Clay artist
Embudo Desert Rose, inc    
2166 Hwy 68                    
HC69 Box one and one-half                                    (505) 692-0078
Embudo, NM 87531


As a young man I visited the local Indian villages with my
grandfather and lay awake listening to the drums and songs of
nearby gatherings.  I became fascinated with the symbolism and
spirituality of Native American art.  The anthropomorphism in
stories and art which inspired my imagination then is still vibrant
today. I attempt to reflect the balance and details of nature and
natural forms in my work.

The freedom to make almost any shape one can imagine, in clay,
inspires me to let the medium take over sometimes. Sculptures and
unusual shapes emerge.  After all it is just mud and anything I don’t
like is recycled. Clay is freedom.

I began wood carving in 1969 shortly after returning from a tour of
duty with the 173rd Airborne Infantry in Vietnam. First works
were totems, fish, and birds. I still love carving animals but my
work has taken a decidedly sculptural twist lately.  I prefer to
work with gouges, knives and a mallet. I strike each blow and it
allows me to literally “feel” the work.

When engaged in the creative process, in any medium, my mind
slips into a meditative state and the work may take over much of its
own development. Working then becomes a Zen like state and
hardly feels like real work. Wood and earth suggest patterns which
were not part of the original plan but bring out their own

As much as I enjoy creating this work, the real joy is when it
gratifies others.  If a piece delights someone and can continue to
inspire them, then my vision is satisfied.

Tony Butler
Chimayosos Peak.
Tree Spirit at Dusk
Embudo Desert Rose
I love hiking the desert and mountains near my home